As Long As You’re Here

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Based on Matt. 8:23-27

In the journey of life, you will encounter difficulties. You cannot avoid the storm. However, one thing is certain: When you have Jesus journeying with you, you will survive every storm.

The sun was returning home

The weather was calm and cold

We went into the boat

His eyes smiled

My heart thrilled

At the thought of going home

Just the next moment

The winds began to whoosh and whirl

While the waves tossed the boat

A violent storm was on

I turned to see his reaction

And there he was

Fast asleep!

“Wake up! Wake up!”

I shook him

“Our lives are in danger”

Hands stretched, with few words

My companion spoke to the storm!

Instantly, submissively

It quickly obeyed

Eyes widened, jaw dropped

Knees weakened, I fell flat

“I need not fear the storm nor the darkness

No, not anymore

As long as you’re here “

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